In 1999, Peping and Joy de Villa started a home-based enterprise to manufacture and distribute natural soaps and at a time when the natural personal care industry was virtually an unknown business.

Today, GIGA has evolved from its backyard beginnings into a professionally managed corporation, GIGA Natural Products Specialist Corporation, with a distribution network across major malls and department stores in the Philippines.

GIGA is now marketing a full-range natural, virgin coconut oil based product line-up of soaps, oils, balms, sprays and other personal care items, using formulae developed by an in-house chemist, and all with the stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

GIGA’s business infrastructure is a model of simplicity and efficiency. Distributing its products through its own or its franchised retail shops entrenched in shopping malls, it has the advantage of directly interacting with end-users who provide valuable feedback that enables it to adapt to market needs.

"It is our aim to come out only with natural personal care products that will be better than what is available commercially and that will address a need. In the past, natural products were limited to imported brands hence quite expensive. Our introduction of high quality- locally produced products have made it affordable thus contributing greatly to the growth of this sector."

Natural and organic is an accepted, desired and even essential element in many businesses – food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. GIGA is at the forefront of this consumer movement before it became fashionable, and today ranks alongside many other entrepreneurs in a market that has challenged synthetic and chemical ingredients in consumer goods.

Already an ASEAN-compliant enterprise, the company continues to play an important role as a manufacturer and distributor of “natural products that work” – creating innovative and natural personal care product range whose quality elevate it to the highest standards in the region.

GIGA’s philosophy is to embody ethical business practices and act with integrity in all their endeavors thus giving glory to God.

GIGA is and acronym for GOD IS GOOD! ALWAYS!