Arthur (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Nature's Therapy It works great, thank you
Hi! I am Charisse A. Yap, I'm from Makati. I was wondering if I could re-sell your baby products in my community. I've been using your baby line for almost 2 years now and i have great confidence that it will be a great addition to my upcoming home-based store.
I recently found your product when my boyfriend came back from the Philippines and brought home Giga No Pain. I am in LOVE with this product. I use it whenever I can for various things such as headaches, menstrual cramps, muscle pains, etc. I've tried tiger balm, though it works, it is too powerful for me and the scent is overwhelming. Giga no pain is perfect for me. I have just been on your website and there's many more products I would like to purchase, but I live in the states and would like to know if you would ship it here. I would also like to know how long the shelf life is for your products when they are unopened and the pot life for them when they are open. I'd like to buy more Giga no pain, flea away pet cologne and pet soap bar, acne soap, seaweed slimming soap, seaweed slimming oil, foot scrub, massage oil, body oil, dry mist oil, and spa bath gel. As you can see, I want to try almost all of your products.
Ruth (Mozambique)
I was priviledged to visit the Philippines two months ago for my employer, the Christian Reformed Church of North America. While there, I was priviledged to get some GIGA products. I have fallen in love with them and like the effects.
Joegina J. Gozo
Greetings in Jesus name! I'm a resident of Cebu City and I was able to buy some of your products at Tiendisitas when I went to manila. I'd like to buy again the NO PAIN rub bec it relieves me from the back pain I am suffering due to my multiple sclerosis. I just want to know if you have an outlet or distributor here in Cebu. I've been to all Watsons stores here but they have none. Thank you very much in advance for entertaining my query.
I won't beat around the bush - your products made my Christmas stress-free this year! To top it all, I received compliments from all who received them from us ... from teachers & nuns to relatives and friends - not to mention my children who would never notice things like these. 'Wiped out' stock in two SM Watson branches - after trying two items for my family.
Hello, my name is Karen and I live in Baguio. As you can see is very far from any of your locations. I absolutely love your seaweed products and Im wondering if you would be able to ship here? Please let me know.
Hi, I was amazed with your products. I haven't tried them yet but I bumped into a forum and there was this topic about mosquito repellant and everybody recommends your product. I was wondering if you would be open to resellers? Thank you. ...and Im so glad of GIGA's meaning -God is good always - I wholeheartedly agree =)
Alice (Melbourne, Australia)
1. ‘Shea Butter Soap’ is very good. I have been using it and it moisturises my skin. (ordinary soap dries me up). 2. Instead of using the thick cream after shower, I use the ‘Body Oil’ and it keeps me moisturised all day. The down side is, I can only use this oil in summer or in warmer conditions. When it is cold, the oil sets, and I have to dip the container in hot water. The ‘Body Oil’ gives a good moisturising without the greasy feeling, meaning it gets absorbed by the skin very well. 3. Before a shampoo (about one hour before) I apply the ‘Hair Treatment’ to my scalp. This eases/helps prevent the ‘flaky’ scalp. The product is good. After treatment, I have to shampoo twice to remove the ‘coconut smell’. As product improvement will you be able to minimise the ‘coconuty’ aroma? If not able, the product is still OK. 4. ‘No Pain’. I use this for my muscle cramps. Very good. I have not yet tried the ‘Coconut Oil’ soap; and ‘Slimming Oil’. I will use the ‘Slimming Oil’ soon. Joy, you have very good products. CONGRATULATIONS!
Annetje (Dublin, Ireland)
My sister brought your soap back with her from Manilla.It was the best we ever had. Please inform me how to to make you send the soaps to me in Europe? What is the minimum number we have to order to make it worthwile sending them? What are the prices?
kudos to your GIGA business! you have great products which help a lot of parents like me. i am a fan of your No Itch balm which I use for my 'kati-kati' (due to dermatitis) while hubby loves your No Pain balm (for his headaches) and Acne soap (which really helps control his face's oil production causing less pimple break outs). we also burn your peppermint oil if we want to feel refreshed and relaxed after a long day at work. and because of these benefits which my family is reaping from your products, I salute you for continuously coming out with great products that are beneficial for the whole family. now i put less steriod creams on my rashes since I have your balm to relieve my skin of itchiness.
Cai (Chicago, USA)
I brought your products with me and used it while I was in Toronto. I could not believe how wonderful your products are. You made me truly passionate of your products. I have used all but the chamomile and lavender bath bars. Wow, I tell you what a difference. Coconut Oil Soap - My face cleared up, blemishes started fading away. - I had two stubborn acne that wont go away, after just two days of using it was gone. Shea Butter - Used it to moisturize my face and body, cannot believe how youthful my skin is especially my hands as I like using hot water when I rinse my dinnerware without using gloves. Eye Balm - While I don't have puffy eyes, had Ate Upay used it in Toronto and it helped her tired puffy eyes. After using it for a couple of days it dramatically diminished the puffiness underneath her eyes. Lip Balm - Chicago and Toronto having extremely cold harsh winter, lip balm is a must. I have never found the best lip balm to use (expensive high end or not) until I used your lip balm. No more chapped lips in just one day of using it. That is a miracle. No Pain - Bernadette's husband had a severe knee pain due to his gout on the plane back to Chicago, he used it and helped the pain go away - Due to stress, both Bernadette and I have intense pain around our necks and shoulders, it helped relieve the pain. - I have acute migraine, it helped sooth the pain and made me relax. No Itch - My children and I have tremendous sensitive skin and allergies, we easily get hives and itches like crazy. Using the Itch Balm not only made the itch go away, it helped subside the hives, had given my son Mylo (my baby) comfort and dwindled his irritability, WOW. Hair Treatment - I always tell my family, relatives and friends that no matter how expensive your clothes/accessories/shoes are, but have a dull, dried or damaged hair, one does not look good nor even glamorous at all. That said, next to a healthy skin, I am a sucker for looking/buying for the best hair care products. - used it for three consecutive days, without using any conditioner after shampooing my hair, it felt so soft. - whether I wear my hair natural curly or straight, it is a must I use Biosilk (a super expensive gloss oil) to give shine in my hair. I have never seen my hair so healthy and shiny, until I used your hair treatment. - The morning of the party I used it on Ate Upay and our Canadian Cousins, and what a difference it made to all their hair, how exciting is that. I've been religiously using your products for five days. There were about 200 guests at my aunt's 87th birthday party, I kid you not, no exaggeration, people were approaching me (women and men) to say I looked so beautiful (mukha daw ako movie star from Hollywood - hahahahahaha) and that they have never seen such healthy, glowing skin and very shiny gorgeous hair. These people (majority of them I don't know) thought I spent a fortune to look good, and asking what products I use, because they all want to buy and try it too. It truly is sensational.
Hi! I’m Vennie, I’m one of your fascinated customers. I just wanna say that you do an excellent job with your products. I first saw your stuff from your tiendesitas store, I remembered I smiled when thegirl told me what GIGA means, wow that’s like what my friend and I often say (God is good all the time). It took a long time before I could get a hold of your products again, good thing you joined the mega trade fair, and that’s when I knew you ‘ll be having a store in Greenhills, which seems to be a more convenient place for me to go to. My faves are your no pain/itch, your dry mist oil, your soaps, your scrubs,and your shea body butter. I asked Mia why you don’t have a scented version of the shea body butter, and I think she’s right that it’s best you keep it that way,the scent is very natural and calming (as my friend says), not to mention that it has superb consistency. Yes, I have recruited my friends to your store and they love it too. I will not only rave about the quality of your products, but also the customer service of your people. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, very patient, will assist you with passion, offer you testers…those are TLC for us buyers. Mia is the one I always chance upon in your Greenhills store, nice nice nice she is. Last week, there was the small lady, I didn’t get her name but she’s also very accommodating and patient with all our sampling of the products and questions. All in all, I wrote you to congratulate you with your very wonderful business and to thank you for the effort of going natural with your products. With our feedback, I hope you will always be inspired and passionate, all the best to you. More power and Godbless.
A friend gave me your VCO soap before and I tried it and loved it. Unfortunately, it seems that they are only being sold in the Philippines. Do you know of anybody selling your soaps in the US? I'm actually residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I also gave your VCO soap to 3 of my American friends and they loved it too. They've actually been asking me where to buy the soap.
We met during the Manila FAME International Exhibit last Oct. 19. I want you to know that I've tried the soap samples and they are very good esp the alpha hydroxy acid. The eye cream is also good not only for the eyes but for the whole face as well
Hello, me and my wife Pauline frequently visits your store at Tiendesitas almost every week and I want to tell you that your products worked for me. Everyday I used hair gel to style my hair and because of this it became dry and resulted to falling hair. Your staff recommended to me to use the shampoo bar and the scalp oil to treat my hair. As a result, since January 2007 I never used any hair gel and commercial soap or shampoo on my hair. We also tried your No Pain/No Itch ointment, Tea Tree Oil, Room and Linen Spray, Lip Balm and other soap bars. My wife uses the Seaweed Slimming Oil.
Lennon and Lou
I am an avid user of your products, particularly your peppermint soap. I reside here in Alabang and I frequent Tiendesitas in Pasig just to buy my supply from your store. The peppermint soap refreshes me and cools me off especially now that summer is suuuuper summer talaga. Last night I tried the citrus bar and i want to try the lavender too.
im louella and i live in mandaluyong but im currently based in nz. ive been here for over 2 months already, and here to stay for 1 year. i remember packing my luggages and always telling myself to get loads of giga soap, but i forgot! the first time i came to nz, i had 4 giga soaps with me as gifts to my kiwi friends. they loved it! i love how you dont scrimp on the exfoliating ingredients. i hope the quality hasnt diminished and that it still contains a lot of exfoliants and loaded with essential oils. my mom keeps sending me packages so next time, i'll ask her to get me some giga soaps as well :) hope your soaps will go back to the shelves at pioneer grocery so that it will be more or less accesible to almost everybody. cheers!
Dear Giga Ventures, Congratulations for a job well done. I am very very happy with the result of using your product. I happen to pass by at the Mega Trade Hall in Megamall last December during your exhbit and i was convinced by one of your sales clerk to buy a soap, it\'s a slimming soap something like seaweeds, the color is brown. Fogive me but i forgot the name and i lost the packaging of the said soap. So since the price is higher compared to other local soaps, i decided to buy one piece of soap and see it for myself. But after on month of using it regularly i noticed a change in my skin, not only in my skin but also on my weight. Truly, I loss some fats in my arms and in my legs and my skin became softer, smoother and fairier. I tried to look for your product in groceries, supermarkets and i even went to Rempson in Rosario hoping that i could buy but i am not lucky. So please, my query is where can I buy your product? I have decided to use your slimming soap for the rest of my days since it has a great effect on me after trying so many local and imported soaps. Please do help me coz i am desperate enough, i have tried my best to look for that soap but couldn't find it in the market. Help me out on this matter. Thank you and God bless you. More power to your products... especially the brown slimming soap with oatmeal(?) seaweed (?)... which i used and had a great effect on me. Truly yours,
i once talked to miss joy de villa and she told me you sell your products at whole sale price. may i please request a copy of your wholesale price because i just opened a spa and i had tried your products and it was all good. thank you
I have used Seaweed Sliming Soap. It is effective to me and I have my last bar. I don't remember where I bought it. I am a resident of Baguio City. My question is: Do you have an outlet in this city? If yes, where? Thank you so much. God bless,